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509 Female Founders - Business Mastermind

Offer Valid: 01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024
Early Bird Pricing!
509 Female Founders
Business Mastermind

An intimate cohort learning experience for women entrepreneurs in Eastern Washington committed to leveling up each other’s businesses

a female founder or business owner who is looking to
scale your company responsibly. You are passionate,
hardworking and generous. You feel a strong need
to know that your time, energy, and money are
being directed in the right ways.
You want to build
a business that will support you, and positively
impact your community.

either a vision for a company, or an established
business. Either way, you want to gain more
business savvy and hard skills.
Maybe you’re stuck
on issues like finance, operations, or systems.
Maybe you’re struggling with work-life balance
or self-compassion. You’re curious about the
unique challenges facing woman-owned
companies, as well as their strengths.

like you’re sick of surviving. You want to thrive—
personally and professionally.
You don’t want to
work harder. You want to spend less time worrying
about your business, and more time in creative flow.
You might be feeling alone in this hard, uphill,
thankless journey of being an entrepreneur.

our solution
Get ready to be encircled by a resilient, wise, and
supportive community.
Get ready to solve the mystery
of why more customers don’t already know about the
amazingness that you are. No matter your background,
you have wisdom to share, and it’s time to be leveled
up by a community of like-minded badass builders.

what it is
  • 12 female founders
  • 9 months of targeted education
  • 1 in person learning session per month
  • 1 guest speaker session per month
  • all sessions livestreamed and recorded
  • private communication platform
  • audiobooks

what it isn’t
  • 100+ members
  • a cohort too big to really connect with
  • a self-paced online course
  • a meetup group
9 focus areas
such as...
       OPERATIONS                           HUMAN RESOURCES
PROMOTION                  FINANCE                                   FOUNDER HEALTH

Hosted by rotating local woman-owned businesses,
in person sessions allow for that magical feeling
that can only happen by sharing physical space.
They also allow venues to showcase their brick and
mortar! 509 female founders receive a discount to
their mastermind membership each time they host.

Experts from diverse disciplines all over the world
share their stories, answer questions, and oer
guidance. All sessions are livestreamed and
recorded using OWL 360° conferencing tech so
you can join from home, review, or watch later.

Keep the conversation going between sessions by
contributing to our private communication platform,
responding to discussion prompts, reaching out to
members for asks and oers, sharing words of
encouragement, and celebrating big wins. (And failures!!)

Aligned with each month’s topic area, audiobooks
are provided through, where every
purchase gives back to independent booksellers.
Share your insights and impressions with other
members, listen and learn at your own pace.

meet your guide
A graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small
Businesses program, Karly drank through the
entrepreneurial fire hose to learn hard skills
such as operations, negotiation, finance and
business development.
This experience, along with growing up in
Eastern Washington
surrounded by badass
women business owners, and completing a
similar business mastermind, inspired Karly to
create 509 Female Founders.
In addition to business consulting, Karly runs
her branding and web agency, Karma. She and
her women-led team build, guide and launch
brands that place people and planet over profit
Karly speaks regularly on topics like the future
of work, work-life balance, business for good,
and navigating the creative wilderness.

sound like you?
We would be honored to have you in our circle.
We are all learning every day. Let’s work together
to create a rising tide that truly lifts all boats.


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