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Consider the Possibilities: Community Job Fair

Consider the Possibilities: Community Job Fair

You might already have a job, or many job offers, or you still haven’t landed the right position at all. You’re going through job post after job post, wading through impossible requirements or just not making any headway. Your solution? Attend a community job fair! Why should you attend a job fair? 85% of jobs hire through networking (Adler, 2020) – job fairs can give you the opportunity to make genuine professional connections. Getting in front of the right person could land you in the right position. So here are a few tips to make the most out of your next job fair experience:

Consider your options
Not all job offers are places you want to work. Parading yourself through countless employers is not what we’re talking about here. If you understand what you’re worth to potential companies, this will help you weed out less desirable options. The tech world is changing the face of hiring. Accomplishments can trump experience. A person with a self-made education can be just as qualified as someone with a college degree. A job fair can shed light on how the job market is changing in this way. If you know your stuff, there are always other options available. (Matteson, 2019)

Brush up on your people skills
Soft skills are equally as important as technical skills. You may check every box, but employers still look for people skills when hiring. People skills are rated among top in-demand skills according to employers. (FNU, 2019) A job fair allows you the space to practice interviewing skills and get comfortable networking. You can also end up making connections with people working in your ideal companies. Nurturing professional connections could help you land a job before it ever gets posted. (Belli, 2017)

Find the right environment
You can research everything about a company, but talking to a real person can tell you a lot about a company and give you perspective for how you’ll fit in. You might discover smaller businesses that might not have the resources to post far and wide. You could also end up establishing a new connection that lands you your dream job.

Give job fairs a shot
The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce and Wenatchee Downtown Association will be hosting their annual job fair September 21st from 10am-3pm at Pybus Public Market. While there, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with various companies currently hiring, and better understand your career options.

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